Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Leading the industry in bringing the benefits of minimalist endoscopy to the world

The world's leading automated endoscope production system

Precision manufacturing, Self-developed and self-produced, capacity 400,000 pcs /year

Comprehensive system of global production quality certification

★ Compliance with safety and quality standards in all regions of the world
★ Lean production and management, more than 20 times of review throughout the year, the world's leading production line
★ Olympus Conducts Quarterly Comprehensive System Evaluation Tests

Quality Policy

Always keep in mind that quality is the cornerstone of Vathin and the primary reason for customers to choose;
Always keep in mind to take customers as the center and insist on providing better products and services for customers;
We respect the norms, rigorous and self-restraint, and we use the initiative of our employees around the world to continuously optimize and improve;
We innovate more than ever and utilize the power of science and technology to provide more cutting-edge products and services for global customers;
We respond quickly, balance opportunities and risks with customers, and look forward to leading the industry to the benefits of minimalist endoscopy to the world;
Vathin promises to always implement the 3S level of high quality products and services, i.e. Safe, Simple and Smart; Continuously strive to provide better solutions for each customer。

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